Third Yahrzeit of Cantor Danto

This 19th of July 2013 (corresponding to the 12th of Av 5773) marks the 3rd Yahrzeit of Cantor Louis Danto (z”l).  To commemorate the occasion, here is “Lo Amut” from Cantor Danto’s DVD: “Louis Danto: A Life of Music”.  The liturgical verse is apropos:

(Psalms 118:17)

לֹא-אָמוּת כִּי-אֶחְיֶה;    וַאֲסַפֵּר, מַעֲשֵׂי יָהּ.

“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.”

Indeed Cantor Danto’s legacy has not died but lives on to declare the joy of singing, traditions, and fond memories shared by all that knew him.

Broward Center, Los Angeles, 1992
Composed: Loyash /Rozumni
Arranged and Orchestrated: C. Heller


Cantor Danto’s recordings can be seen and heard on and are available for purchasing from :
Rouhama Danto :

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