Side Effect Free Chemotherapy Trial Posts Phenomenal Results
Why is the Canadian Cancer Society Waging an Advertising War Against DCA?

Exclusive to MartinCWiner.com: DCA and Radiation Effect Complete Long Term Remission of Previously ‘Incurable’ Cance

DCA and Avemar Show Clinical Promise Against (AML) Leukemia

DCA and Avemar Show Clinical Promise against (CLL) Leukemia

DCA and Avemar Show Clinical Promise Against Hormone Resistant Prostate Cancer

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Can I get DCA?

Yes, you can get DCA from Medicor Cancer Centres – based in Toronto, ON Canada, but accepting patients from all over.

If I Can Get it, What’s the problem?

The problem is that you can get it only in a very limited way.  Doctors can prescribe DCA as an ‘off-label’ use because it is already approved for human use for another condition.  We need a full human trial to get the appropriate doses, uses, combinations and most importantly common acceptance.

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88 thoughts on “DCA

  1. I’m not a medical doctor so I can’t reply. However, even if I was, due to the lack of interest in DCA by the pharmaceutical companies there will never be the full trials which determine medication interactions.

  2. There will never be a cure for cancer sponsered by any pharmaceutical company as they must answer to their shareholders who are only interested in profit and selling more drugs. I for one will continue to resist their treatments until they find gentler and kinder ways to treat it. I have seen the results of chemo and radiation and pills on other people. They look sicker than they did when they had the disease. No thank you.

  3. I am not able to sign the petitions on DCA. It tells that I already used this email adress to sign … that is not true …

    Thanks !

  4. hope the people can have more option when they have cancer
    and they can try all other non conventional treatments

  5. Please please, make this availble if in fact it CURES! My sister is fighting for her life and I have lost my dad!

  6. I have lost my mother my dad and many uncles , my brother lost his throat and now has cancer in his lung , because of this he moved in with my sister who just found out she has lung cancere please give these Dr that discovered it the patent to use and and start useing it to bad about the pharmaceutical companies , they are making enough off the death of people and care little about side effects on any meds i almost died because of ant inflammatory help my sis ter and brother this is his second go around

  7. Martin keep up the good work. The word on DCA is getting around and oncologist and others are showing a great deal of interest.

  8. Thanks, have you noticed the DCA-Avemar protocol? Avemar (Ave Ultra) is another approved anti Cancer nutritional food.

  9. Yes on Avemar. Two other products are worth looking at.
    1. hydrazine sulphate see) DR.. Joseph Gold speaks the truth about hydrazine sulphate
    read clinical trials conducted at UCLA & Russia.

    2. GC-MAF has been used since 1990. Dr. Yamotto

    Nether can be patented so big pharmaceuticals have no interest.

  10. I’ve taken a cursory look at those two compounds. Thanks for pointing them out to me. The key difference here between these compounds and DCA is that we can take advantage of a prescribing loophole with DCA in that it’s already approved for human use. I don’t believe this to be the case with Hydrazine Sulphate or GC-MAF.

    Have you taken a look at 3-Bromopyruvate? How about high dose intravenous vitamin C? I’d like to come up with a blog post of substances which show anti cancer promise but aren’t patentable. In this comment block we already have five:
    Hydrazine Sulphate

    actually I just thought of two more:
    LDN – Low Dose Naltrexone

  11. GC_MAF is currently and has been used since 1990. It has saved many cancer patients lifes.

    Hydrizine Sulfate is being used as well DCA. Look to alternate medical states for do/md. There is a new breed of doctor comming on board and hopfuly that will chnage everything.

    Thanks for the tips. I am aware of LDN and Vitiman c. I would like to gather a team of oncologist and biochemist with the full intent of exposing big Pharma , the FDA , the NCI ,the media ETC.

  12. Have GC_MAF and Hydrizine Sulfate been approved for human use? Further have they been approved for use in Cancer? (I’m speaking of FDA approval here.)

    I came up with two other non-patentable cancer treatments:

    As for exposing the FDA et al, I have a different approach. Open a clinic with sympathetic oncologists. Use treatments which are FDA approved for human use and prescribe them off label. If there are insufficient agents in this category we’d need to open the clinic in a country where the FDA can’t hound us and shut us down. Then it’s all about the results. If we have an 80% cure rate, somebody has to notice. If we’re in Mexico, they’re less likely to believe our 80% success rate, but if we can achieve 80% in Canada or the US, we will defeat the FDA. It’s all about evidence: Letters and polemics will get us nowhere. The media has black listed DCA, I and several of my colleagues can’t get any information published about it.

    Have you seen my proposed legislation to change the medication approval model such that some of these agents could be of interest to Big Pharma?

  13. I am currently administering DCA to my mum who has an aggresive tumour on her brain and back. Over the last 12 months she has undergone 2 bouts of radiotherapy and a gamma knife treatment on her brain. The cancer has now returned and she is currently bed-bound because of the pain in her back.

    When we approached our doctor, oncologist and chemist about possible alternative treatments, they simply didn’t want to know. We have managed to find a source for DCA and have been administering it for the last week, in the hope that it will shrink her tumours and relieve her pain. However, we are not medical experts and can only go off what we read on the Internet for information of dosages and side effects.

    If anybody can shed any light on their own experiences of using DCA, or can offer us any advice, then this would be very much appreaciated.

  14. I really appreciate the work done by Dr Martin,My brother have Lung cancer edinocarcinoma.It is really hard to digest.@Lee Burnett you said you have started treating your mum with DCA, so how is she and could you plz guide me about DCA as well, i wish she is alright

  15. I’m not a doctor, and Martin is my first name. I don’t know where you got the idea that I’m treating my Mother with DCA, she’s not a cancer patient. I would direct you to http://www.medicorcancer.com/ if you’d like to try DCA. Best of health…MCW

  16. Thanks for this web site.im having stage 4 breast cancer (tumor is as size as my fist now) metastasised in liver. I was diagnosed last January after I gave birth a month ago. I refused to go for conventional treatment. I had a lot of researched regarding with different alternative treatment but my eye is only for apricot-amygdalin tablets and pureDCA. I already ordered both last week. Most probably i will be able to receive my pureDCA and Vit.B1 hopefully this week. Anyone can guide me on how can I start to take this???

  17. My daughter had taken DCA and was in remission, however, the people from Pure DCA on your site, did not make it clear that the DCA was still to be taken there after as a therapeutic dose. Her cancer spread to her lymph nodes and she passed away Feb. 10, 2013. I wish we could have at least known about this and it just may have helped, I don’t know. Please make it perfectly clear to people who want to take this, to keep taking it even if their doctor tells them they are in remission and the tumour had shrunk. The tumour shrunk, but it was still there. I purchased more DCA after her second round of cancer, however, it did her no good. My daughter was a free spirit and a beautiful girl who died at the age of 35, far too young! It has left us with a huge emptiness in our hearts, that can never be filled.

  18. I have now been on DCA for almost 5 years. My cancer is still completely gone, I have had no build up in my body with using DCA every day for this entire time. It has been an incredible experience being able to live my life, look forward to a future, and never having to look back and remember the oncologists telling me I would be dead in 2-3 months. And I am still here, healthy, having a great life and looking forward to every day.

    Timothy McGough

  19. GOD BLESS YOU Timothy WITH MANY MORE YEARS OF HAPPYNESS. The most difficult part of searching for a cure is being able to accept the fact that it does work. Not being given a choice or being told about something that could save your life id just wrong. The medical professionals who are aware of this but still recommend chemo therapy when 80% of them will not accept it as treatment for themselves should be jailed. Open genocide is occurring a cross America for one reason only and that is Money!!! People must band together and demand change!

  20. Witam! Piszę do Was z Polski. Mam raka (SCC) płaskonabłonkowego G 3 w węzłach chłonnych.
    Chciałam się dowiedzieć czy na ten rodzaj raka DCA działa i jakie są rokowania.

  21. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this outstanding blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed
    to my Google account. I look forward to new updates
    and will share this site with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

  22. Things you should know about cancer and the medical industries.

    I am not a doctor or an oncologist but I have gone through what you are about to. These are things my wife and I went though. The not knowing where to turn or what questions to ask. Not knowing about medications or what our options were. Suffering the shock of being told you have pancreatic cancer, stage 4 , non-operable with metastasis to the liver. Searching for a cure under total distress. I am giving you information that I have found hoping to save you hours of research which may save your life.
    This information will apply to all cancer. I am doing this in memory of my wife. E-mail me if you would like the information and I will e-mail back to you. Yes there are cures for cancer!

  23. Hi there my dad got diagnosed with lung cancer at the end of June, we are doing all we can as a family to not give in the fight. i have came across DCA therapy and would like some more information on how to get it, also the right advice on the other medication he is taking at the moment & the side affects etc, the doctor said of they try chemotherapy it will kill him as the cancer has spread from one lung to another and also his bones. The next step is radio therapy in the next week or so. My email address is tom_jacklin1@hotamil.co.uk if anybody could please send me some advice on who we can speak to to seek advice on my dad trying DCA and where we can get it. Thanks Tom

  24. Jim I am sorry for your loss. My husband is loosing his battle w stomach cancer stage 4 at age 44. I just found your site and ordered DCA today. I don’t know if it will arrive on time. By the grace of God it will. God bless each and every one of us. Take care.

  25. Just ordered DCA today, and wondering if any other component is necessary for my own chemo treatment? Stage 3 small cell lung cancer, and no chemo taken, just diagnosed 4 weeks ago. Im 58 years young with 6 grandchildren, and cant put my arm out for chemo, it doesnt feel right!! Any advise is greatly appreciated

  26. Hello Martin,
    why you are so convinced that you had not a spontaneous healing and it was the DCA that helped you? Are you still take it?

    Regards from Germany 😉

  27. I was never on it. I am researching it. It is still in use at Medicor Cancer here in Toronto. Best of health…MCW

  28. Hi, my father has the lung cancer: big cell carcinoma. Diagnosed 3 weeks ago. He is going to be operated the 9 th november. Please give us any information how to use the DCA after the surgery.
    Best regards.

  29. The best advice I can give is to contact Medicor Cancer here in Toronto. They will work with your oncologist.

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