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Why is the Canadian Cancer Society Waging an Advertising War Against DCA?

Exclusive to DCA and Radiation Effect Complete Long Term Remission of Previously ‘Incurable’ Cance

DCA and Avemar Show Clinical Promise Against (AML) Leukemia

DCA and Avemar Show Clinical Promise against (CLL) Leukemia

DCA and Avemar Show Clinical Promise Against Hormone Resistant Prostate Cancer

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Interview with Drs. Akbar and Humaira Khan

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 A theoretical protocol: Combining DCA and Avemar

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Can I get DCA?

Yes, you can get DCA from Medicor Cancer Centres – based in Toronto, ON Canada, but accepting patients from all over.

If I Can Get it, What’s the problem?

The problem is that you can get it only in a very limited way.  Doctors can prescribe DCA as an ‘off-label’ use because it is already approved for human use for another condition.  We need a full human trial to get the appropriate doses, uses, combinations and most importantly common acceptance.

What can I do?

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