Free MP3’s from YouTube: No Scam

There are 100’s of scams and gimmicks on the web when it comes to getting free mp3’s on the web.  This one works reliably.  This can be verified in minutes when you download your first mp3 using these instructions:

Search your song on YouTube:


Find the video you want the mp3 of:


Click in the middle of the url bar to select the url.  Then right click to copy the url.

Now go to:

and paste the url into the url field


Paste by right clicking in the text field and left-clicking paste.  Then pick ‘High Quality’ and then Convert.





Click here to get your mp3 (don’t click on any download buttons that may be ads)


Then right click the ‘Download MP3’ and pick ‘Save Target As…”


Save the file to your mp3 files (Usually “My Documents” –> “My Music”) and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Free MP3’s from YouTube: No Scam

  1. It’s pretty cool huh. I wonder why the MPAA isn’t jumping all over it. Oh, shhh, I didn’t say that. :)

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