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Star Wars Theme Song plays.
Text “Earth Wars :: Arctic Melt – A Lost Hope” grows larger and larger until out of view.

Coming soon to an Arctic theatre near you… Earth Wars :: Arctic Melt – A Lost Hope.

Obi-Wan, Al Skywalker and Yoda observe a glacier where water is seen to be streaming on the surface and forming cracks can be seen and heard.

I sense a great disturbance in the force… as if thousands seeking the truth were suddenly silenced

mmm yes… clouded the force is.

Al Skywalker
I can’t convince the people that they are the cause.

Always with you it can not be done.

Frustrated Yoda waves his hands and two bottles appear float out of his smock. One is marked CO2 and the other marked AIR. There are thermometers inside. The thermometer of the CO2 bottle reads significantly higher than the AIR bottle.

See you the difference young Skywalker?

Al Skywalker
I see it, but I can’t make them believe it.

That is why you fail…

Cut to the white house. Count Condeleeza, Darth Cheney, and Darth Bush are present. Behind them environmentalist David Suzuki can be seen frozen in carbonite. Count Condeleeza has in her hand a hologram of a planet deluged in water with a mysterious floating sattelite marked USA orbitting it. She is kneeling before Darth Bush and recieving parting orders.

Count Condeleeza
Very well my master. I will take our secret plans and store them safely.

Darth Bush
They must not know what we are planning.

Count Condeleeza turns off the handheld hologram, rises and walks out.

Darth Cheney
I sense Luke Al Skywalker will come to me.

Darth Bush
When he comes to you, bring him before me. Only together can we turn him to the Republican side.

Cut to Air Force One where Al Skywalker is on board in front of Darth Bush and Darth Cheney.
The windows behind reveal an active battle field in Iraq. Al Skywalker is wielding a solar panel as a weapon.

Al Skywalker
I will not turn to the Republican side.

Darth Bush
Witness behind us, all is going to plan. Your puny environmental slideshow and oscar is no match for the United States Empire! Unlimited power!! Once again the Republicans will rule the world and there will be peace!

Darth Cheney
Come my fellow politician, it’s time to join us.

Al Skywalker

Al Skywalker throws down his solar panel defiantly.

Darth Bush
… then you shall certainly die.

Darth Bush grows enraged as the scene cuts to the Iraq battle and the Star Wars them plays.
ext “Summer 2008″.
Fade to black.

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PDF Conversion

Over the years I’ve tried a few tools for converting from various file formats to PDF.  Fortunately, I chanced upon this one:

What a great tool!  All you need do is install it and it shows up as a printer that you can print to.  Simply print from any application and a popup dialog box will ask you where to save your PDF file.  You needn’t worry about spyware or malware either.  It’s certified spyware free by CNET.

Take a look at the terrific job it did on my Math paper about Prime Constellation Counting Functions.

Number of Prime Constellations

In honour of Ben Stein’s Canadian release of “Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed”

I have produced a nice javascript demo of one of the basic concepts of evolution: natural (cumulative) selection. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think Ben Stein is a very intelligent person.  Having said that I think when it came to taking attendance in biology class his teacher was saying: “Stein? Stein? Stein?”.  Natural selection is simple concept but is easy to confuse.  Does anyone know what natural selection is “anyone? anyone?”

(If you don’t catch my allusion, please watch :

I got so annoyed with the repeated claim that evolution is a random process that I developed a javascript demonstration to show how evolution actually worked.  I’ll say it one more time for all those who aren’t quite sure:  “EVOLUTION IS NOT A RANDOM PROCESS.”  The only thing ‘random’ (even chaotic will suffice) in the process is the generation of variability (diversity).  Natural selection is the exact opposite of random. It is a deliberate selection of traits which confer a higher fitness of individuals within a population.

So without further ado, here is the javascript demonstration of evolution in action:

“Brent T. White, a University of Arizona law school professor, says that it’s in the homeowners’ best financial interest to stiff their lenders and that it’s not immoral to do so.”,0,3801270.story

This story, suggests that mortgage holders politely flip the bird to their debtors when they come to collect on underwater mortgages.  The argument provided is that when times were good, the banks were negligent and irresponsible in handing out loans.  As such, now that times are bad, it’s fine to simply walk away, and you should do so with a clear conscience.  I agree with the message but not with the reasoning.

The real reason is that you may think the bank has offered real money to the previous seller of your home; not so.  The bank instead paid the former seller of your house with money it conjured into existence from another mortgage.  The fractional reserve banking system allows the bank to ‘leverage’ 90% of its deposits, reserving only 10% for those who make periodic withdrawals.  So the money that the bank put up for the house is actually someone else’s deposits which theoretically could be called in on a moment’s notice?

Confused?  Good, you should be.  Suppose your neighbour lent you 5 DVD’s on condition that he might ask for then to be returned at any time.  You then turn around and rent out those 5 DVD’s for a dollar each for 1 week.  If your neighbour doesn’t ask for his DVD’s back during that week, you just made 5 bucks.  But suppose your neighbour comes back 2 days later to reclaim his DVD’s – what then?  Legally, in either case, the DVD’s weren’t yours to rent; the agreement between you and the people you rented the DVD’s to is null and void.  The only difference in the two scenarios was whether you got caught or not in the fraudulent activity.

Believe it or not, the banking system, worldwide, is currently this fraudulent.  The loans a bank issued are from the unwitting depositors funds’.  Only due to the Federal Reserve Act (and similar acts worldwide) is this fraud considered ‘legal’.  Even so, the bank never puts up its own assets for a loan.  As such a successful, yet rarely mentioned case, makes the argument that having failed to put up legal ‘consideration’ (hard assets) for a mortgage, the mortgage is null and void.

Here an article about this decision including links to the actual decision on file.

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