Jon Stewart: The Intersection of Catholicism and Judaism is ‘Being Sad’

I’ve been in Stewart withdrawal.  Like so many others, our main source of news has been lost.  No really: I never watched the network news nor read the paper; I watched Jon Stewart.  Jon Stewart repeatedly denied and even dismissed as laughable the idea that he was a real journalist.  However, I’m not sure if […]

Psychiatry – A Medieval Pseudoscience: Avoid at all Costs

There is no such thing as a psychiatric disorder.  There exists only nutritional and genetic deficits that cause behavioural problems.  Nutritional and Genetic disorders can’t be ‘talked to’ and must be addressed at the source.  Psychiatrists are neither interested nor concerned with your genes nor nutrition and hence proceed from a faulty premise often with devastating […]

MTHFR Results Are In: We All Need Testing

As a follow up to this post I have received my MTHFR results.  As a recap, I have had several chronic conditions, all of which have not been resolved after seeing many specialists for 12 years now.  I suspected an MTHFR (methylation) error, but wanted to prove it.  I used to produce my genome […]

Stand Up Guys: Funky Soundtrack Is Out of Gum

Stand Up Guys ( is a movie about aging gangsters centering around Val’s (Al Pacino) release from prison after the accidental killing of a crime bosses son. In it, they use the ‘battle cry’ before committing a crime: One: “So what will it be?  Chew gum or kick ass?” Another: “I’m all out of gum.” […]