Christopher Hitchens – Had His Facts Straight

Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins are both brilliant people and master debaters.  I am however, disappointed that they use their superior intellect and debating skills to hammer their opponents into submission rather than treat them with respect and patience.  The latter would make their point far more convincing in the long run. That aside, Hitchens […]

Shimen Nepom: Tramvay Lider (Streetcar Songs) – Kickstarter Drive

 Excerpt: Tramvay Lider (Streetcar Songs) In and out, Out and In. Passengers flying like birds. Strangers, who knows where from– From what foreign land? The blizzard bites into the tracks. Passengers appear and disappear; Who knows what life they lead? — Shimen Nepom (circa 1930-40) In the 1930’s Shimen Nepom, a TTC streetcar conductor wrote […]

Doctor’s Caring Knows No Borders

  I had the honour of interviewing Dr. Ophira Ginsburg who used innovative uses of technology and understanding of human nature and illness to open and draw patients to a free breast cancer clinic in Bangladesh. An excerpt is as follows: She became a reluctant entrepreneur, partnering herself with a local phone company and MIT-educated […]

Star Trek Continues: Kickstarter 2.0

Star Trek Continues is a fan fiction funded by Kickstarter.  The first 3 episodes produced last year as the result of a $100,000 ask (with $126,028 raised).  The first three episodes feature all the original series cinematic features.  The lighting, sound effects, character quirks, and above all else the stories all remain true to the […]

Energy Supplements/Foods: Coffee Alternatives

Note: I have no medical or alternative medicine degree or certification.  Please validate any of my advice with your health provider. Coffee is perhaps the most popular drink in the world with 54% over the age of 18 drink coffee (  Coffee is a stimulant with pros and cons associate with it.  My main issue […]